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Get Started On a Successful Path In The Beauty Industry Today!

[featuredbox type=”centered” icon_badge=”circle” title=”‘G’ Stands For Green” dp_animation=”flipInX” icon=”icon-leaf-3″ button_link=”http://gskinbeautyinstitute.edu/we-put-the-g-in-green/” button_text=”Read more”]We are organic. Our cosmetology and esthetics programs use all organic products.[/featuredbox]
[featuredbox type=”centered” icon_badge=”circle” title=”Full & Part Time Programs Available” dp_animation=”bounceIn” icon=”ss-woman” button_link=”http://gskinbeautyinstitute.edu/cosmetology-school/” button_text=”Read more”]Complete Beauty School with a schedule that fits your ideals and your life.[/featuredbox]
[featuredbox type=”centered” icon_badge=”circle” title=”Financial Aid To Those Who Qualify” dp_animation=”bounceIn” icon=”icon-money” button_link=”http://gskinbeautyinstitute.edu/financial-aid/” button_text=”Read more”]We are nationally accredited and Title IV government funded beauty school.[/featuredbox]
[headline style=”big-centered” subtitle=”Our Beauty Schools Are Located in Chicago, Las Vegas, Oak Brook, Naperville, West Dundee, & Arizona”]Our Beauty Schools[/headline][space size=”40″][sb_slider_vc alias=”latest-projects”]
[headline style=”big-centered” subtitle=”Don’t Miss Out On This Amazing Industry”]Our Cosmetology Schools[/headline]
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Our Graduates

Hear what they are saying

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[headline style=”big-centered” subtitle=”Information for you to think about.”]Facts & Figures About G Beauty Schools[/headline]
[space size=”120″][piechart2 title=”Cosmetology Essentials” dp_animation=”bounceIn” size=”180″ linewidth=”5″ percentcolor=”#ffffff” bgcolor=”#bc0155″ percent=”100″]With over 35 years teaching the hottest techniques in the industry[/piechart2]
[space size=”30″][piechart2 title=”Organic Skin” dp_animation=”bounceIn” size=”180″ linewidth=”5″ percentcolor=”#ffffff” bgcolor=”#bc0155″ percent=”100″]At G Beauty we are on a quest to be the foremost educator in Organic Skin Care.[/piechart2]
[space size=”130″][piechart2 title=”Online Education” dp_animation=”bounceIn” size=”180″ linewidth=”5″ percentcolor=”#ffffff” bgcolor=”#bc0155″ percent=”100″]Beauty School dedicated to hair, skin, and nails![/piechart2]
[space size=”40″][piechart2 title=”Dedication ” dp_animation=”bounceIn” size=”180″ linewidth=”5″ percentcolor=”#ffffff” bgcolor=”#bc0155″ percent=”100″]We are fully dedicated to providing our students with the best education possible.[/piechart2]
[headline style=”big-centered” subtitle=”Stay up to date on what’s happening at our schools”]Latest News and Blog Posts From G Beauty Schools[/headline]
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[space size=”30″][headline style=”big-centered” subtitle=”On an exciting career in the beauty industry!”]Start Your Path Today[/headline][space size=”40″] [space size=”50″]

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